Why Ellyn Law?


Our Toronto based lawyers have many years of experience in Courts in Toronto and across Ontario. We are frequently consulted and retained by other lawyers as litigation counsel. Over the last several years, more than 200 lawyers and other professionals have referred complex litigation and family cases to us.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution Services

Ellyn Law LLP provides comprehensive litigation services. Sound advice, effective strategy and negotiations and experienced advocacy are the hallmarks of our approach to each case. We understand and apply ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) methods wherever possible to reduce the time and cost of obtaining the best possible result for our client.

Canadian Business Legal Checkup

Ellyn Law LLP has developed a new legal service which will provide an audit of legal matters affecting small and medium sized businesses.  Canadian Business Legal Checkup  is a diagnostic tool small and medium size businesses could use to verify if legal aspects of their operation comply with the law and also, to minimize risk, litigation and expense. When the Business Legal Checkup is completed, the business owner receives a lawyer’s report red-flagging matters which need correction, improvement or further legal advice.  Please see our recent article on this topic in the Articles section of our website, entitled “The Business Legal Checkup: Preventive advice for the legal health of your Business”.  


Thinking globally, acting locally: As members of two prestigious international legal groups, INBLF and AEA, we offer a "world" of resources to clients at home and abroad. Click map for details
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Areas of Practice
Our areas of practice are provided within our website. Find out more by visiting this page and learning about how we can be of service to you.
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We provide litigation services for each area of practice. Our litigation services are in depth  and focused on resolution.
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We are here to help you.

ELLYN LAW LLP approaches every legal problem with our clients' interests foremost in mind. Our lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced. We are committed to providing sound advice, creative strategy, effective negotiations and experienced advocacy. Attention to detail and keeping our clients well-informed are key parts of our service.

On this website, you will find more details about our expertise, a sampling of the results we have obtained for our clients and some of the articles we have written for legal conferences. As a result of our exposure in the legal profession, our firm is well-known throughout Ontario. Many lawyers and other professionals have referred clients to us. Our senior lawyer, Igor Ellyn, QC, is Certified as a Specialist in Civil Litigation and has been highly peer-rated by the prestigious Martindale-Hubbell directory.

Our Services

Business Law, Corporate Law, Shareholder Disputes & Corporate Remedies, Business Litigation, Mediation & Arbitration, Libel & Slander and Defamation, International Commercial Arbitration, Real Estate Litigation, Commercial Lease Disputes, Insurance Law & Claims, Estates & Trusts, International Judgment Enforcement.

As a well recognized Toronto Law Firm, we provide comprehensive legal services in the areas of law described above and throughout this website. The hallmarks of our work is sound advice, imaginative strategy, effective negotiations and seasoned advocacy. We recognize that the best resolution is one that occurs as early in the legal process as possible. Most of our cases settle before the trial. We are experienced in the use of alternative dispute resolution, including mediation, arbitration and settlement conference techniques to resolve the dispute without a trial where possible.

If a trial or a hearing is necessary, our focus is on marshalling the evidence which the court requires to find in our client's favour.  Our written and oral advocacy is based on careful research and attention to detail.  

Ellyn Law LLP  also have experience as counsel in the Ontario Court of Appeal, in the Divisional Court, in the Federal Court and in the Supreme Court of Canada. We provide independent opinions on trial judgments and if warranted, we can undertake an appeal to an appellate court. 

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We are here to help you. To speak with a lawyer in our firm immediately, please dial 416 465-3700 Ext 3225 or Ext 3233 to speak with our staff who will direct your call to a lawyer who is in the office. If the lawyer you wish to speak with is not in the office at the time of your call, we thank you for your patience.  We endeavour to return all calls the business same day.

To speak with one of our lawyers directly, please call or email:

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