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If you are visiting this site because you have a legal problem with a Canadian connection, we will probably be able to assist you.

If you have a judgment of an American or other court outside Canada which must be enforced in Ontario or another province of Canada, we have special expertise in this field.

Here are a few examples:

  • We were referred by a lawyer in California to track down property bought in Ontario by the fruits of fraud perpetrated in California. We commenced a lawsuit and registered a certificate of pending litigation. Our procedure enabled the California attorney to seize sell a Toronto house and apply the proceeds to the debt.
  • We represented a Texas securities dealer, on referral from his Texas lawyer, which had a judgment against a Canadian who had invested money in Texas
  • On referral from senior counsel, we represented two American art galleries in a claim to recover the value of two very valuable works removed into Canada.
  • We have experience in procedural and jurisdictional questions concerning the enforcement of judgments.
  • We are currently counsel on international judgment enforcement matters in Canada.
  • We have been listed in the Forwarders List directory.
  • Our expertise in various aspects of the law of Ontario enables us to testify in US courts on the status of Canadian law as an expert witness.
  • Our firm provides international expertise in the enforcement of foreign judgments.
  • We also have expertise in the enforcement of arbitration awards, including international commercial arbitration awards under the New York convention.