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Commercial litigation cases are the core of our firm’s practice. Our expertise extends to an in-depth knowledge of the procedure, strategy and process of dealing with complex business disputes — the result of many years of “hands-on” experience. Our clients, who include, both individuals and corporations, have retained us in wide variety of business litigation matters, frequently on referral from other lawyers, including but not limited to the following (listed alphabetically)

Aborted Transactions of Business, Shares or Real Estate
Anton Piller Orders
Applications to Interpret Agreements
Arbitration of Commercial Disputes
Bank, Financing and Receivership Disputes
Boundary disputes
Breach of Contract Claims
Breach of Distribution Agreement
Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims
Breakdown of Professional Practices
Buy-Sell Agreement Disputes
Certificates of Pending Litigation
Commercial Lease Disputes
Condominium Disputes
Construction Litigation and Constructions Liens
Debt Collection
Enforcement of Ontario Judgments
Enforcement of Judgment as complainant under OBCA
Enforcement of Foreign Judgments
Examinations in aid of Execution
Franchise Disputes
Fraud and Misrepresentation Claims
Guarantees – Claims and Defences
Inducing Breach of Contract
Injunctions and Mandatory Orders
Injurious Falsehood
Intentional Interference with Economic Relations
Investment dealer disputes
Libel, Slander, Defamation arising from a business or profession
Mareva Injunctions
Malicious Prosecution
Non-Competition Agreement Disputes
Ontario New Home Warranty Plan (TARION) Disputes
Partnership Disputes, Limited Partnerships Disputes, Joint Venture Disputes
Passing Off
Professional Negligence Litigation
Property Litigation
Real Estate and Mortgage Disputes
Recovery of Personal Property
Repair and Storage Lien Act
Shareholder Disputes
Slander of Title disputes
Special Case for determination of an Issue of Law
Summary Judgment motions
Vendor & Purchaser Motion