E-Commerce & Electronic Copying

The development of cyberspace has created legal problems which did not exist a few years ago. Our rapidly-changing world requires lawyers to adapt to new legal principles. Our firm has accepted this challenge in the relation to the internet and electronic copying. Read More →

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

We provide ADR services both as counsel and neutral.

In addition to our work as litigation counsel, we provide a broad spectrum of ADR services. ADR, which stands for Alternative Dispute Resolution, is the process by which disputes are resolved without the necessity of trial in court. ADR can take several forms, some of which may precede others: Read More →

Insurance Law

Our lawyers have experience in commercial insurance litigation on behalf of insurers and insured.  We have acted as counsel on commercial casualty, professional negligence, construction negligence, fire claims, defamation and officers and directors’ claims.

Litigation Services

ELLYN LAW LLP provides comprehensive litigation services. Sound advice, effective strategy and negotiations and experienced advocacy are the hallmarks of our approach to each case. We understand and apply ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) methods wherever possible to reduce the time and cost of obtaining the best possible result for our client. Our clients expect good results and our mission is to deliver. Read More →

Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

Disputes among shareholders and directors of closely-held and medium size corporations are even more common than the corporate disputes that make the front pages of the Financial Post and the Report on Business. Canada is driven by small, closely-held and medium-sized businesses. Read More →

Business Litigation and Arbitration

Commercial litigation cases are the core of our firm’s practice. Our expertise extends to an in-depth knowledge of the procedure, strategy and process of dealing with complex business disputes — the result of many years of “hands-on” experience. Read More →

International and U.S. Judgment Enforcement

If you are visiting this site because you have a legal problem with a Canadian connection, we will probably be able to assist you.

If you have a judgment of an American or other court outside Canada which must be enforced in Ontario or another province of Canada, we have special expertise in this field. Read More →

Estate and Trustee Litigation and Services

Estate Litigation lawyers

Igor Ellyn and Orie Niedzviecki act on estate disputes, including contested wills, will interpretation, undue influence, passing of accounts, trust claims and other matters in the Estates Court. We have experience in advising on, litigating, negotiating and mediating complex estate disputes. Our experience includes disputes requiring variation of trusts, litigation among siblings, disputes over fictitious wills and mental competency of the testator. We have acted on disputes involving the heirs of the testator. Read More →