Libel & Slander and Defamation

Every person values the reputation he or she has made for him or herself in a business or profession. Every business values the reputation of its products, services, management team and intellectual property. Read More →

Commercial Arbitration

As a business owner, you know that you, your customers, suppliers, business partners and co-shareholders may have different interests and differing objectives. Contracts may lend themselves to various interpretations. Good intentions may not always be fulfilled. Sometimes, business people try to take unfair advantage of their customers, suppliers, business partners or co-shareholders. In a growing number of cases, one or more parties act fraudulently or breach their fiduciary duties. Read More →

Construction Litigation

Construction litigation has many aspects, including litigation of construction disputes, claims under the Ontario New Home Warranty Plan (now TARION), construction lien claims, disputes between owners and subcontractors, arbitration between owners and general contractors, insurance claims. Read More →