Strong Advocacy in Serious Business Litigation and Arbitration Disputes.

A business litigation and arbitration practice established more than 40 years ago, Ellyn Law Business Litigation & Arbitration Lawyers is a law firm in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada, which provides strong advocacy and litigation services to the resolution of serious business disputes, employment law, defamation and estate litigation cases.

Our expertise is focused on shareholder disputes, director and corporate litigation and arbitration, commercial disputes in many industries, appeals, international judgment and arbitration award enforcement, employment law and wrongful dismissal, real estate litigation, libel and slander and debtor-creditor cases. We act on estate litigation including contested wills.

Some of our individual clients are persons who have been drawn into serious litigation as a result of their connection or relationship with other parties in dispute, such as the parents of spouses in a divorce. While most of our clients are private corporations and individuals, we have also represented Canadian and international public corporations and financial institutions on many complex legal matters. Some of our successes are described on this website.

Experienced. Focused. Knowledgeable. Passionate.

Ellyn Law Llawyers approach every legal problem with our clients’ interests foremost in mind. Our lawyers are focused, knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about effective resolution of our clients’ legal matters. We are committed to providing sound advice, creative strategy, effective negotiations and experienced advocacy. Attention to detail and keeping our clients well-informed are key parts of our service.

On this website, you will find more details about our expertise, a sampling of the results we have obtained for our clients and some of the articles we have written for legal conferences. As a result of our exposure in the legal profession, our firm is well-known throughout Ontario. Many lawyers and other professionals have referred clients to us. Our senior partner, Igor Ellyn, QC, is a Certified as a Specialist in Civil Litigation and has been highly peer-rated by the prestigious Martindale-Hubbell directory. He is also a Chartered Arbitrator and mediator.

Thinking Out of the Box. Publishing Our Expertise.

At Ellyn Law Business Litigation & Arbitration Lawyers, we keep current on the latest developments in the law. Wherever appropriate, we use the latest techniques of alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration, to bring our client’s case to a resolution as promptly as possible. Our clients seek attentive service and effective solutions. We “think out of the box” to find the best solutions for our clients’ legal problems. When you have a serious legal problem, you need a lawyer you can trust. We hope you will consult and entrust us with your case. We are also at the forefront of the legal profession. We have published articles and books about the areas of our expertise, especially, Shareholder Disputes, Arbitration, Liability of Corporate Directors, Appellate Advocacy and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments.

We provide comprehensive legal services in the areas of law described below and throughout this website. The hallmarks of our work are sound advice, imaginative strategy, effective negotiations and seasoned advocacy. We recognize that the best resolution is one that occurs as early in the legal process as possible. Most of our cases settle before the trial. We are experienced in the use of alternative dispute resolution, including mediation, arbitration and settlement conference techniques to resolve the dispute without a trial where possible.

Solutions. Results. Trial Experience. Appellate Advocacy.

If a trial or a hearing is necessary, our focus is on marshalling the evidence which the court requires to find in our client’s favour. Our written and oral advocacy is based on careful research and attention to detail. We also have experience as counsel in the Ontario Court of Appeal, in the Divisional Court, in the Federal Court and in the Supreme Court of Canada. We provide independent opinions on trial judgments and if warranted, we can undertake an appeal to an appellate court.

Our appellate advocacy includes an emphasis on assessing whether there is a reversible error, policy or constitutional issue at stake. Thoughtful written and oral advocacy focused on what will persuade the appellate court are the keys to successful results on appeals. Important to the persuasive process are the 4Cs: Credible, Clear, Concise and Concrete.

Lawyers in our firm have many years of experience in all the Courts of Ontario. This is a partial list of cases decided in the Courts and Tribunals on which lawyers in our firm have acted as counsel. Decisions in arbitrations are typically confidential and are not shown below. For instance, we recently acted on a commercial arbitration case arising from shareholder dispute which resulted in a $1,275,000.00 award for our clients.

Well-Conceived Strategy. Skillful Negotiations.

Most cases settle before the final hearing. Settling complicated disputes is often the greatest benefit we provide to our clients. Settlements frequently result from hard-fought and skillful negotiations based on a well-conceived strategy. The settlement could occur through direct negotiations or with the assistance of a mediator. We recently settled several hotly contested shareholder disputes to the great satisfaction of our clients. One of the settlements resulted in a payment of $1 million to our client on the buyout of his shares in a family business. The buyout was more than double what the other shareholder had offered at the beginning of the negotiations. Another recent settlement involved the defence of a shareholder oppression claim against the majority owners of a successful sales and marketing business. As a result of our negotiations, the case settled for a fraction of the amount sought by the departing shareholder. The settlement was driven by our advocacy which showed that the claim for oppression would not succeed.

Establishing Strengths. Exposing Weaknesses. Realistic Approach.

You expect your counsel to be forthright and realistic. Where required, we point out evidentiary and legal aspects of our clients’ cases which may have an impact on the final outcome. As a result of our experience and ability to think “out-of-the-box”, we establish positions of strength by thoughtfully and intensively identifying the best aspects of our clients’ cases and exposing the weaknesses of the opposing party’s position.

Some of the decisions on which ELLYN LAW LLP lawyers were counsel

Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Ontario Court of Appeal, Federal Court of Canada, Federal Court of Appeal, Supreme Court of Canada and some tribunals.


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