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ELLYN LAW LLP provides comprehensive litigation services. Sound advice, effective strategy and negotiations and experienced advocacy are the hallmarks of our approach to each case. We understand and apply ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) methods wherever possible to reduce the time and cost of obtaining the best possible result for our client. Our clients expect good results and our mission is to deliver.

Canada’s judicial system has many levels. Cases which do not succeed before the first judge usually have a right of appeal on legal and procedural questions, and rarely on factual grounds. Our firm is experienced and knowledgeable in appellate advocacy.

The senior lawyers in our firm have been counsel on appeals in the Ontario Court of Appeal, in the Divisional Court, in the Federal Court of Canada and in the Supreme Court of Canada.

Our lawyers provide independent opinions on trial judgments. We are available undertake all aspects of appeals, including filing the notice of appeal, reviewing trial evidence, seeking leave to appeal or seeking a stay of the order under appeal where required, preparing appeal books, drafting persuasive factums and arguing the appeal.