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Our clients, majority shareholders in an international financial services marketing enterprise involving five corporate entities, were in frequent disagreement with their minority shareholder and business partner. The minority shareholder wished to purchase our client’s shares in this enterprise, which has operations in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. Our clients and their minority partner negotiated an understanding for the sale of their shares by payment over several years out of future revenues of the business. However, the memorandum of understanding did not have enough details or security protection to implement this multi-million dollar settlement. The majority shareholders turned to us for assistance. As a result of our negotiations and drafting, a full set of settlement agreements was successfully negotiated. The settlement agreements resulted in the transfer our clients’ shares with security arrangements and dispute resolution provisions to protect our clients’ substantial interest in the future performance of this global business. To save legal expenses, we included mechanisms to resolve small financial disputes without legal counsel. Our clients completed the transfer of their shares to their minority partner. They will receive payment out of future revenues, with iron-clad security, over the next several years.