International Shareholder Dispute results in settlement

Our client was the plaintiff in a claim for US $100 million arising from an international shareholders’ dispute. Our client claimed that the defendants, who were minority shareholders, had overvalued their interest in the corporation and misled securities regulators in another jurisdiction. Read More →

Cross-border shareholder arbitration produces win-win resolution

Our client, the major shareholder of a Canadian technology start up, negotiated the successful resolution and joint venture with its minority shareholder, an offshore financier. As a result, a lawsuit in the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario involving a multi-million dollar claim and an international commercial arbitration case were resolved. Read More →

International Commercial Arbitration dispute

Our client, a Canadian software manufacturer, was involved in a shareholders’ dispute with its minority shareholders located abroad. We were respondents’ counsel in an international commercial arbitration proceedings before LCIA International in London, England, which ended for lack of jurisdiction. Read More →

American HMO recovers some fruits of massive health services fraud

Our client, an American Health Management Organization, was defrauded for several millions of dollars. Some of these funds were traced to an upscale property in Toronto. Through our advocacy, we recovered the property. The property was sold and the traced funds were returned to our client.

U.S. Court action dismissed for lack of jurisdiction

Our client, a Canadian business consultant, was sued in a United States court for $37 million by a major Canadian non-profit organization arising from a failed venture. We retained and instructed American counsel to dispute the US court’s jurisdiction over our client. Read More →