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Our client, a Canadian prairie grain farmer with a large acreage, was sued by an Ontario customer for failing to supply a large order of lentils of a certain quality. Our client was unable to supply the anticipated quality of lentils because weather conditions deteriorated the crop. Our client sent what he had but the customer rejected it. At the same time, our client claimed against the Ontario customer for the balance under an earlier contract for other legumes. The Ontario customer claimed a loss of profit on the lentils and was holding the balance due on the other order as a set off. The Ontario customer was determined about the rightness of this position and vowed to see the case through to the bitter end. As a result of our advocacy at the trial recently held in Toronto, our client received a judgment for all of his account receivable; the Ontario customer’s claim was completely dismissed; the Court discredited the evidence of the customer and the Court also awarded our client his legal costs. Dissatisfied with the trial outcome, the Ontario customer appealed to the Ontario Court of Appeal. As result of our advocacy and negotiations, a settlement was negotiated for our client before the hearing of the appeal. Our client benefited fully from the trial victory.