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Our client, a mid-50’s woman who worked for over five years as Global Alliance Manager with a TSX-listed company, was summarily dismissed. The Vice-President, Human Resources and the Vice-President, Marketing assured her that her termination was no reflection of her work but the result of a corporate decision to restructure the department. They thanked our client for her excellent service and promised her a glowing letter of reference. Three days after her departure, the company announced the hiring of a younger man, whose job description almost identical to our client’s. Their promise of the reference letter was also forgotten. In the ensuing lawsuit, the employer denied all allegations of discrimination and it appeared that lengthy litigation would ensue. After several months of intensive procedures, the lawyers agreed to hold a mediation. The employer’s settlement offer was insultingly low and after a full day of mediation, no settlement was achieved. In the weeks following the mediation, we persevered in our negotiation strategy and eventually worked out the six-figure settlement our client richly deserved. She also received an excellent recommendation letter which recognized the value of her contributions to the company.